caffeine shampoo for hair loss: a great dissapointment

Have you ever thought about whether the caffeine shampoo works to prevent hair loss? As per MENSCRIPT the health clinic online which is focused on offering online treatments for hair loss in the United Kingdom, it doesn’t.

There’s a dazzling talent in figuring out ways to use lower quality coffee that cannot be offered for sale to consumers. A well-crafted marketing campaign that features an expert in white attire is a great way to make a sale to someone whose self-esteem has been sinking into the plug holes… as is his hair.

There’s an German product known as Alpecin An “After Shampoo Liquid’. Alpecin claims to help grow hair back because of its caffeine concentration.

The makers of the product have ordered studies and, unsurprisingly, observed positive results in hair growth. However, the research was conducted by removing hair follicles of males who are balding and then creating them artificially in a lab.

The follicles were subjected to the testosterone dose and some to caffeine. The growth was less in the follicles with testosterone doses as is typical when you suffer from male pattern hair loss. In contrast, in the follicles who were exposed to caffeine and testosterone there was a new growth stimulated.

However, it should be noted that the growth of hair follicles within the test tube or in a petrie dish isn’t an accurate measure of the extent to which this could be achieved on the head of a male.

The evidence is not clinically valid at the moment. exists to support the claim that caffeine shampoos are effective. In the UK there are only two treatments that have been scientifically proven to increase hair growth. These treatments comprise Finasteride (a prescription medication) as well as Minoxidil (available in the form of a lotion or foam you apply on your hair).

Don’t invest into coffee-related stocks… looking for the caffeinated cure to your hair loss! Save your money and get your regular cappuccino so that you can sip your coffee the way the universe would have it. You never knowwhen that coffee might actually get over your head.

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Caffeine shampoo for hair loss: a waste of time and money